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Lord Magnus' Property

The blurb

Part 1: Slave of the Saxon

"Chloe would say I couldn't solve anything by playing at being a Dark Age warrior, but I just did."

Hildy Ragnarsdottir, American PhD student, reckons historical re-enactment can go too far. The English Warband has invaded Melchester Castle with swords and spears, and occupied it in protest at its treasures being sold abroad: and their leader Lord Magnus Hereward just forced her into an iron collar and told her she's his slave. She is not going to submit to a man who spanked her into obeying, even if he is smoking hot, courageous and sophisticated. Absolutely not.

Part 2: The Dragon and the Princess

"You'll obey my father as you would me. And Father, do try her."

When Hildy joins a multi-era History Fair to save an Ancient Monument, with her Master's collar on her neck and his baby on her arm she shouldn't be able to get into trouble. But powerful enemies are plotting: and between the lordly authority of Magnus' father, and the seductive dominance of Liam the rogue, a poor confused slavegirl doesn't know which way to kneel. She might have saved the day, but when Magnus gets back she'll be punished. She can hardly wait.

The thoughts:

There really is a lot of overlap between re-enactment and BDSM, though alas, I don't know of a real group like the English Warband. But it's a wonderful way to write Gor-style sword-and-slavery adventures in the modern world: so that a hero can, as in Part 1, take a castle with a band of warriors, capture a slavegirl and brag of it online, make a sortie by helicopter, win a sword battle and save the day by making international phone calls, and have his slavegirls dance at his victory feast, all without magic or science fiction. I will be writing about the English warband again.

The Princess and the Goblin

"When a horny boy's got a naked girl grovelling at his feet begging to be fucked, and he'd rather say No and watch her suffer, he's a Master."

The blurb:
If you want to know how a short, ugly teenage nerd like me ended up the owner of a gorgeous blonde old enough to be my teacher, who served me devotedly dressed in a steel collar and chains, the first answer is, don't do it the way I did. Kidnapping Cara while my parents were away seemed like a good idea at the time, but it should have got me nowhere but jail. But with help from my online mentor and the Gorean community at TrainHer.Net, Cara and I were able to find our way to love as Master and slave, and to a happy ending... sort of.

The thoughts:
In my first draft the hero was 15, the age I was when I first enjoyed this fantasy. When my publisher pointed out that underage sex doesn't become acceptable by making the child the aggressor, I preserved the massive power imbalance which was important to the mood of the story by making him a victim of achondroplasia (dwarfism,) who's treated as a child even though he's 18, because of his size and because a childhood of illness and medical treatments have left his parents still thinking of him as fragile and immature. I think it made him a deeper character.

The story grew in other ways. I originally wrote it as a present to my teenage self as more or less pure porn, but I couldn't help wanting to get into the characters' heads and make them something more than just a psychopath and his feeble victim, till I ended up writing a romance that begins with the heroine's rape and torture and ends in love. Retroactive consent is politically incorrect, but I'll defend it in terms of literary realism: the mentor character references Patty Hearst and Colleen Stan, and there are plenty of other examples. But if you want your BDSM consensual throughout, this one isn't for you.

The Property of a Lady

"I've had it with boyfriends, I want a slave, and I've picked you."

The blurb:
Marcia Strake, business tycoon, decides that if she wants her perfect man - one who'll obey her in every way, be a conscientious housekeeper and a devoted lover, and incidentally, one she can hurt for fun all she likes - she'll have to train him herself. She takes a homeless young man off the street and sets out to mould him to her needs with the combined skills of a personel expert and an imaginative sadist. But the journey to a caring Mistress and her devoted slave is more complicated and takes her down stranger ways than she ever imagined, and Marcia has to learn as much as the man she names "Toy." Making him utterly devoted to his Mistress was part of the plan, but she can't possibly be falling in love with him.

The thoughts:
In many ways this story is a femdom mirror of "Princess and the Goblin," but the whole dynamic changed with the change of genders. Again, this went through several drafts, and the main thing that was added was changing the characters from porn cartoons to real people with understandable motives and feelings.

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